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Feb 19

Our investor update for February 2014


Each month, we send out an update to our investors about how things are going at ThinkUp. In so many ways ThinkUp’s community members are our investors as well, so we’re sharing it here on our blog, too.

We made some minor edits for clarity and removed a few points that dealt with personal info, but the core parts are all here. Your feedback on it is as welcome and encouraged as the great feedback we get from our investors and advisors.

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Jan 5

Review: FAST Pack EDC



FAST Pack EDC by Triple Aught Design

First impression:
When I received the EDC I was struck by the weight of it and how stiff it felt. I had a good look over it, and I became aware that this wasn’t going to be a throw-stuff-in-and-go pack, but one that would require time to set up. If I’m honest, this wasn’t quite what I’d expected, especially in today’s culture where most things come out-of-the-box ready (e.g. Apple’s products).

So after a slightly unexpected start, here’s what I found…

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Aug 24

"I wouldn’t let her have jelly beans for breakfast."Submitted Anonymously 


"I wouldn’t let her have jelly beans for breakfast."
Submitted Anonymously 

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Nov 8

If you can’t decide, it means all the choices are equally good (or bad).

Pick one and move on.

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May 31

May 10

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